Interview with Paul Mendez ” El Gallo Negro”

I love Boxing and Kickboxing!  But I wouldn’t have expected when I joined LA Boxing in Walnut Creek to be able to train with a real super middleweight fighter.

I love working and being around people who fight for their dreams (some literally FIGHT for them) and I support people whenever and where ever I can. So I went to my lovely ( unfortunately) ex trainer Paul Mendez alias El Gallo Negro and asked him for an interview and he was so nice to take some time to answer my questions.

For Boxing Fans, he recently just had a fight against  James ” Choco” Parison, which he lost but he did a great job ( I am proud of you:))

I heard a lot of opinions on that fight and, so I agree, Paul should have won the fight.

Here are some facts before the interview for those who might not know El Gallo Negro so far:

Birth name: Paul Robert Mendez

Birth date 1989-02-26 / age 22

Won 6 (KO 2) + lost 2 (KO 0) + drawn 0 = 8
Rounds boxed 36 KO% 25
Division super middleweight
170 / 865
41 / 175
Stance orthodox
Height 6′ 1″ / 185cm
Reach 76″ / 193cm

Take a look at the interview below:

Me: How do you feel after your recent fight?

El Gallo Negro: disappointed
Me:  Do you think you could have done something better or different?
El Gallo Negro:Yes, I could have let my hands go more.
Me: I heard people’s opinions on it, saying you should have won. I agree. What do you think about that?
El Gallo Negro:I appreciate everyone’s opinion and to tell you the truth I felt like it could have gone either way, but I know I can beat him and we are working on a rematch now so hopefully he gives me that opportunity to beat him ( he laughs hahaha)
Me: Why and when did you start boxing?
El Gallo Negro:: I was 10 yrs old. And my father took me to the gym because I had too much built up energy.
Me: When did you start competing?
El Gallo Negro: at the age of 10, my trainers at the time see I had talent so had me competing right away.
Me: That is awesome. They were definitely right.
How does your boxing life affect your personal life?
El Gallo Negro: Well I have to make sacrifices like move away from my family, and not do the things that an average 22 yr. old is usually doing.
Me: What made you start working at LA Boxing in Walnut Creek?
El Gallo Negro: I was new to the bay and didn’t know anyone and my days were so boring and I came across and ad on looking for boxing trainers and I thought well who else would be better than me lol.
Me: That is true and I think you are a great trainer and you are always super patient with the people you teach. You also do personal training which is great.
 If all your fans were listening, what would you tell them?
El Gallo Negro: Well, I would first like to thank them for all their support and let them know that this aint the last of me, my career is just beginning and im ready to step up to that next level.
Me: Thank you so for your time and I wish you all the best for your future and I am sure we will hear a lot more from you. I am excited about that and looking forward to see you win your next fight.

~ by Colorful Soul on 09/07/2011.

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