Try A New ‘Do


Are you stuck in the” I always have a the same hair” situation? Probably every girl I know knows this situation. You are out of ideas or out of time to do your hair, I totally understand. Take a look at those new hair trends, maybe you will like them and try them out.

Feather extensions

Not too long ago, feather-head was a derogatory term used to describe someone who was a bit on the flaky side. Now, a feather-head describes a gal at the height of fashion. She can be found at the mall, at the sports bar… just about anywhere. (This is a rather strange trend, actually. After all, you don’t see a lot of chickens running around with strips of people hair affixed to them, but we digress). You can get these fun little accessories at your favorite hair salon or on the Internet.



If you’re one of the few remaining women who refuse to get bangs because you can still remember what a pain they were to grow out, think again. There are so many different ways to do bangs right now: long sweep, fringe, heavy/vintage… Stop whining about how boring your hairstyle is and go for bangs. (Added bonus: You have no need for Botox when no one can see your forehead.)



If you’ve seen a recent photo of Drew Barrymore, you may be thinking, “That girl needs to get her roots done.” Not so! The latest rage in hair color is ombre: several inches of outgrowth followed by several inches of lighter color. Not only is this an interesting change in the look of hair color, but it is also a welcome relief for those of us who are sick of having our roots done every four to six weeks.


Emma Watson pixie

Young Hollywood has made this pixie popular again, proving that short can be sexy. If you’ve had a bad dye job, your hair is damaged to the point that it looks like a Halloween wig, or you’re just ready for a dramatic change, consider this.


Steampunk (1920s barkeep) men’s hairstyle

Women are sporting this look and doing it, dare we say, much better than the men who inspired it. Think Charlie Chaplin, the barkeep from The Shining or the men’s hairstyles from Titanic –– the non-slicked-down version, of course. Or, just ask your stylist.


~ by Colorful Soul on 09/18/2011.

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