How the Oribe “Ugly is the new pretty” is done!

How the Pro’s do it:

You will need:

Hairspray: Use  the Oribe Apres Beach and a dry Hairspray

Curling Iron


(And a lot of patience)

  • You start off brushing out the hair and then you take small parts and spray the hairspray on both sides of the part that you took.
  • After you sprayed it with hairspray, you curl it with the iron, make sure you curl the root! Make the curls a little bit tighter then in the picture below!

  • Clip them up with hairpins
  • Leave the ends straight out about 3 inches( depending on how long your hair is, if necessary use a straightener)
  • Do so with all of your hair
  • Once all of the hair is curled up spray it with the Apres Beach Spray and spray the roots with dry hairspray. Use a lot, for a “ugly”texture
  • Take all the clips out and then brush out the hair.
  • Tease/ Backcomb your hair into the wildest hair you have seen!
  • Add some wild make up like red lips and black and red eyeshadow and voila! There goes the new ugly is the new pretty look:)

TIP: After using so much hairspray and you are ready to wash your hair condition it first, then use shampoo and then condition it again. I just changed to the Oribe Signature Conditioner and Signature Shampoo( both about 25$ each but sooo worth it!)

  From this look you can easily( kind of) switch to an evening drama look with your hair tight together.

Separate the hair into 3 parts. Front and two in the back. Make almost a pony just in the back to keep the hair up and wrap it around the front.

~ by Colorful Soul on 09/30/2011.

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