Beyonce – “Countdown” – Bob and Babybelly

Usually we are used to seeing Miss Beyonce with her beautiful long hair waving around. Ever since the Baby-news dropped everybody seems to have their eyes on her. Not very surprising then that she changed her whole look for her new video                ” Countdown”, or is it just the hormones that made her want to try something new?

In her new video the R & B queen has a blow-dried bob and heavy eyeliner – and if you look closely Beyoncé’s little baby belly.

Beyoncé’s “Countdown” video plays up the singer’s theatrical side. It pays homage to iconic films like “West Side Story” and “Funny Face,” as well as ’60s icons like the Supremes and Audrey Hepburn. The clip, co-directed by Adria Petty, is an eye-catching glimpse at the pop culture moments that reside in the creative conscience of the pop star.

Not only does her hair remind me of Mireille Mathieu, also her dress looks very 60s like. Okay, okay, the hair is obviously a wig, she would probably never cut her great hair, but in my opinion the wig looks great on her. I’m not sure if she wants to tell us something with the Song “Countdown”, but she already mentioned  that she wants to take a break for sure once the baby is there, great decision Miss Knowles, Baby comes first:)

Check out the pictures and video below:)


~ by Colorful Soul on 10/07/2011.

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