Easy Cat Eyeliner

Have you tired a lot of times  to get the perfect eyeliner and one wrong move and its messed up? Try this method and you will most definitely succed:) It is actually super easy so just give it a try:)



  1. Apply eyeshadow on lid. Here I used a very light shade (TF Pillow Talk shown below). Start lining from center of lid towards the outer corner, stop after drawing 1/2 ” or so- as shown.
  2. Continue to line straight out. Make sure the end doesn’t exceed the end of your eyebrow tail.
  3. Now join the end of the line to the outer end of your eye.
  4. Line the rest of your eye starting from center to the inner corner. Try to make it thinner as it goes in.
  5. Time to fill inside the lines now. This is when you could even out any unevenness.
  6. Tightline the inner part of your eye now, so there’s no visible gaps.


~ by Colorful Soul on 10/09/2011.

One Response to “Easy Cat Eyeliner”

  1. Love it! I will try this method!

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