Dabble App for iPhone

Tonight I had the pleasure to be one of the PR Models that helped launching the new and fun iPhone App ” dabble”. The Blue Macaw, where the party was launched, was packed and a lot of people from Litquake came through to show some love for their sponsor of the Litquake, as well as a lot of other interested people. We gave away free shirts, free drinks and a lot of information about the great App.

Dabble is a unique App that lets you drop (virtual) postcards in the places you are at.

Go to any neighborhood or place, and leave your mark by dropping a postcard there. Document memories, share recommendations, and connect with friends that show up there at any point in the future. It’s a fun thing to share, you may take a picture of yourself there, with your friends or whatever you feel like. You can flip the postcard over, just like you do with real postcards.

Each postcard you drop becomes a social connection that lives on at that location, and can be seen by your friends when they’re nearby. In time, your postcards become full with content from friends – an album of memories that lives on at these places. Your friends can leave comments on your postcard which is really cool!

The dabble Team is a great and amazing team and it was a blast and so much fun being a part of this launching party. I am very excited for the Android App to come out in november and I am very much looking forward to hearing more from the guys and their great ideas.

Follow the guys on twitter:


And check out the pictures below:)


~ by Colorful Soul on 10/16/2011.

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