Jessica Alba – Proven: The perfect body

Jessica Alba has the perfect body, yes, I figured so a while ago, by only looking at her, but now it is proven!

According to a study recently conducted by New Zealand anthropologist Barnaby Dixon, the measurements of a woman’s waist and hips are the key to her attractiveness. Dixon presented a group of male volunteers with various photos of a woman who had been digitally altered. The photos of the woman with a waist measurement that was exactly 70% of her hip circumference scored the highest. Apparently the 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio matters even more than cleavage! And of course pretty Jessica got exactly this. Her measurements are 34C-24-34. Pretty stunning Miss Alba.

But not only is she above and beyond attractive, she is also a great actress and a fashion queen. Jessica knows what’s hot! Not surprising when your mother is  Danish and French Canadian and father is Mexican American, she has got all the good influence:) Yes, Jessica is truly blessed, so check out the pics below for proof:)


~ by Colorful Soul on 10/22/2011.

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