Hair Bows

Trying out new things can be super fun, especially if it’s with your own hair, otherwise it can get boring.

Girlie, youthful, and playful, the ultra-feminine tie can also be a creative way to add a dash of dainty to your hair look. Make the classic accessory fit your ladylike style with new DIY effects that work for the everyday.


Take your half-updo to the next level and create a bow out of your mane itself! Lady Gaga and Lauren Conrad are just two celebrities who have rocked versions of this whimsical look.









Nothing adds polish to a messy style like a girlie accessory. Forgo the glitz and glamour of sparkling clips for a simple, small bow. Pin the ladylike loops to the side of your ’do to complement the undone style.






Headbands with bows don’t have to be neat and preppy (e.g., Blair Waldorf’s signature style). Create a clever—and practical!—version by wrapping a ribbon around your head and using it to secure a side braid or ponytail at the nape of your neck.








Putting a pop of color at the end of a trendy side braid will add a fun,  vibe to your look. For a brighter tint in your tresses, weave the ribbon into your braid before tying it at the end.

~ by Colorful Soul on 11/03/2011.

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