Feuerzangenbowle – The perfect Wintertime Drink


The Feuerzangenbowle is very special. It is super popular in Germany for cold days and especially popular for smaller parties at home during winter time. It is one of the most popular drinks for New Years Eve because people can do it together, which is great!

2 oranges, juice of 1 lemon, juice of, 1 1 / 4 liter of red wine, 1 stick of cinnamon,
6 cloves, 1 Sugar Loaf, 350 ml Dark Rum, about 54 vol%


The Feuerzangenbowle is very special. You put the ingredients above into the pot, but no sugar. Then you buy an old-fashioned cone of hard sugar, you put it on top of the Feuerzange, which is a piece of metal having a slit in the middle, then you soak the sugar cone with Arak, then lit up the sugar cone, which burns slowly because of the Arak, melts and give so marvelous drops of liquid sugar with Arak into to wine, then pour continuously Arak over the sugar until nothing is left of the cone.

Now, oh now comes the moment when you drink this unique wine. You enjoy the evening, but a little less the morning. This kind of drink gives you a bad hangover if you overdo it.


~ by Colorful Soul on 11/08/2011.

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