The Small Feet Guide To Shoe Shopping Success

It is not always the people with the big feet that have trouble finding shoes at the store. It is also hard for people with smaller feet sometimes to find the right pair of shoes. It can take some heavy sole searching to find something that fits snugly, looks age appropriate, and, obvi, warrants some serious shoe-stalking attention. Check out these cute shoes for smaller feet! Just the right fit!

Little Eric Girl’s Shearling-Lined Riding Boots, $243.60, available at Saks Fifth Avenue. (children’s sizes up to 6)

Break Out The Laces — While it’s just dandy to slip on a pair of shoes and go, we suggest opting for a style that comes with laces included. Any shoe with a lace will give you the option to tie them on a bit tighter, securing a better fit.

Alexander Wang Sofi whipstitched leather ankle boots, $250, available at The Outnet. (starting at size 5)

Sifted Vintage Vintage Electric Blue Suede Shoes, Size 5, $35, available at Etsy.

Insoles For A More-Snug Fit — Forgive us for using the oldest, and perhaps most obvious, trick in the book that mom used when our feet were still growing: Invest in insoles. It couldn’t hurt to buy one set of insoles for every pair of shoes you own that is ever-so-slightly too roomy. The thicker the insole, the more they’ll tighten the fit. Just be sure to find ones that will be comfortable to wear all day. If a full insole is out of the question, choose a smaller heel or toe cushion that can also help make a size adjustment.

Foot Petals Single Pair Killer Kushionz, $12.95, available at Nordstrom.

Seek Distant Shores — Expand your search globally for more smaller-footwear options. Become familiar with Asian shoe retailers who often offer smaller sizes. We personally suggest Yesstyle, who carry a range of designers that helm from China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, with sizes starting around size 5.

iGirl Ankle-STrap Platform Pumps, $48, available at Yesstyle. (starting at size 5.5)


~ by Colorful Soul on 12/07/2011.

2 Responses to “The Small Feet Guide To Shoe Shopping Success”

  1. I have small feet too! Just went shoe shopping tonite– no luck.:(

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