Most expensive dessert – 33.000$ for a broken heart

Such 33.000$ sweet sorrow: Businessman EATS world's most expensive dessert after being dumped by his girlfriend.

This is the moment a businessman Carl Weininger tucked into the world’s most expensive dessert which he bought for 33.000$ to cheer himself up after he was dumped by his girlfriend.

Mr Weininger, 60, splashed out on the extravagant pudding as a ‘pick-me-up’ after she ended their three-year relationship.

The chocolate-laced pudding, styled like a Faberge egg, is believed to have broken all previous records with its list of ingredients including gold, champagne caviar and a diamond.

Mr Weininger took the pudding to the Aviators’ Ball, at Heathrow Terminal Five’s Sofitel Hotel on November 26, where lucky guests sampled the luxury dessert.

Each mouthful cost around £800 and the whole dessert took just 15 minutes to devour.

Mr Weininger from Rugby, Warkwickshire, admitted he bought the pudding to cheer himself up after his relationship ended.

He said: ‘Buying the dessert was a real boost for my morale.

‘I was dumped earlier this year and felt this could be a decent pick-me-up.

I thought a guy (with that kind of money) would usually just go ahead and maybe buy another car (yes, you can buy a car for this amount of money, sir) even if it won’t be a Aston martin or some fancy car…Girls usually just go and get another haircut or go shopping…I guess eating a 33.000$ dessert is the equivalent of this rich man to going shopping…Well at least this gave the man a huge amount of …(not dessert),spotlight and appearances all over the news, and I am sure that there will be one lovely lady that will totally fall in love with…him…or the thought or getting 33.000$ desserts together. or somebody please tell him that there are more important things in the world  than a broken heart, maybe like children dying everyday because of hunger?! I am sure donating this amount of money would make more than one person happy in the world…


~ by Colorful Soul on 12/08/2011.

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