Men in Black 3 Trailer in the Wild—Here’s What We Learned…

The boys are back in town time.

Nearly 15 years since the original flick invaded the box office, the first official trailer for Sony Pictures’ Men in Black 3 hit the web today. Naturally, the highly anticipated sequel finds Will Smith‘s Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones‘ Agent K once again reuniting to battle a new set of alien baddies—only this time with a twist of Einsteinian proportions.

So what in the name of the time-space continuum is going on here? E! News takes a look at several of the coolest moments.

1. They Wear Sunglasses at Night! Our favorite memory-erasing heroes once again don their signature glasses as they arm themselves for another crazy adventure monitoring extraterrestrial activity on planet earth.

2. Speaking of E.T.s:The MIB encounter a particularly nasty alien with an ugly set of choppers in what appears to be a noodle shop in New York City’s Chinatown.

3. Meanwhile, Back at MIB Headquarters: Agent J finds his access denied while probing a certain incident report and is told by Agent K “there are things out there you don’t need to know.” But the mystery deepens when J goes looking for K and meets a new supervisor played by Emma Thompson, who informs him K has been dead for over 40 years. Do you get the feeling time’s a little out of whack around here?

4. All Roads Lead to the Chrysler Building:While hunting for clues, Smith’s government agent ends up climbing atop one of iconic skyscraper’s famed eagles, where he little does he know he’s in for the ride of his life! Some goateed fellow hands him a cockamamy gadget and tells him to jump—as in time jump. J subsequently leaps off the Chrysler and travels back to the past, where lo and behold…

5. It’s a No Country for Old Men Reunion! Smith awakens back at headquarters only to find Tommy Lee’s No Country costar Josh Brolinstaring right at him, filling in perfectly here as a young, handsome Agent K, with fewer wrinkles but no less serious about his job.J and K, it’s good to have you back.  Men in Black 3 arrives in theaters May 25, 2012



~ by Colorful Soul on 12/12/2011.

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