Private Residence Dissolving Indoor/Outdoor Boundaries

Basing their designs on originally and individuality, Israel-based studio Lanciano Design creates contemporary residences “for people that understand the difference”.

When asked to completely turn around the appearance of a 1950′s home, Nico van der Meulen Architects… came up with a highly contemporary solution. Following the clients’ brief, to create a home with an urban feel, the architecture company redesigned Mosi Residence, turning it into a continuous four-bedroom space with plenty of entertaining areas.

This modern Dutch cabin was designed by studio Denieuwegeneratie and is located in a nature reserve, on a historical agricultural plot. The architecture solution for this project was to create an artificial hill and camouflage the residence, while minimizing disturbance on the environment. Here is more on the structure of the cabin from the architects: “The spatial structure of the house is a rectangular 12 x 19 meter open space. Steel cross the entire 12 meter width allowing great flexibility to the interior arrangement. Inside the hall-like space, the rooms are stacked in a disorderly manner and built out of light wooden structures, facilitating easy implementation of possible future changes. The interior can evolve along with its inhabitants, a young family, rooms being added or removed through time”


Resting on a five acre property, this fantastic residence displays two contrasting facades – a privacy-protecting front view composed of two volumes resting on a smaller wooden volume and a fully glazed south facade mirroring its 14 feet high steel and glass windows and stucco piers in the nearby pool.

Displaying a rectangular wood-covered architecture, the Waldblick Residence (meaning “forest view”) is an independent structure rising from the green surroundings, reaching for the skies with its imposing clean lines. Larch wood profiles cover the exterior facade of the Waldblick Residence, ensuring that the house displays a contemporary, durable design. The low energy home on the outskirts of Lucka, Germany, provides necessary heat and hot water thanks to the solar panels mounted on the south roof.

Set in a wooded area in Stockholm, Sweden, this modern summer house sits at the forest edge overlooking the sea. Spreading over 250 square meters, Villa Plus by Waldemarson Berglund Arkitekter is composed of a long and narrow first floor, almost fully glazed, and a perpendicular second floor with an impressive framed view from the upstairs reading nook. Reached via a lightwell displaying a black and white staircase, this uplifted, isolated spot can become a retreat into yourself or you can observe the weather changing, even dining upstairs. On the same note, the playful mixture of red, black and white in the ground floor dining space creates the wish of being the one who faces the view rather than the brightly colored wall while dining.


~ by Colorful Soul on 03/03/2012.

One Response to “Private Residence Dissolving Indoor/Outdoor Boundaries”

  1. Wow. Wow and wow. Makes me want to build my own house. Forget buying someone else’s!

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