7 weirdest yet beautiful stadiums around the world

With Germany in the semi final in the European soccer championship, at the moment everything here revolves around soccer and I love it.

Looking at the different soccer stadiums can be really interesting since they are so different.

Aalesund arena, Norway FC– A really old stadium this one is. If you take a look into the picture you will know why it is weird. There are no stands, the people sit and watch the games from the cliffs.

People sitting in the Cliff Galaery

Eidi Stadium, Faroe Islands- As you can see, the complete Eidi Stadium is surrounded by sea!  The Faroe Island’s national football games are being played here. So, are you wondering what will happen if the ball goes to the sea? Well, they have a guy in the boat roaming the sea to pick up the balls! Freaky? Isn’t it ?

The Scenic view of the Eidi Stadium

Eco-Stadium, Brazil – Everyone is going green right? With this Stadium, even Football has tuned in on the “G” word. This was built in 2007 and the whole constructed was completed without using concrete. It holds around 6,000 people and recycled wood was used to constructs the stands and all. Seats were ‘planted’ in the hills. Electricity was given to the stadium through solar plants.

Dugout for players made with Bamboo

Seats planted directly into the cliffs

Gospic Dolac, Croatia – Nature oozes within this stadium. It serves as the home for Football team Imotski. It can hold up to 6,000 people. The picture will tell the rest.

Satellite view of the Gospin Dolac

An inside view of the Stadium

Cocodrilos Park, Venezuela – Yet another interesting stadium. This is located in Venezuela and it hosts various games. It lies feets away from the National Highway and it doesn’t need fences because it is bounded by mountains.

Beautiful view of the stadium

Braga Stadium, Portugal – One of the most expensive, weird stadium in the world. The place was full of rocks and it took more than $100 million to clear up the rocks itself. It is truly one the most beautiful stadiums in the world.

Scoreboard in the mountain!

Marina Bay, Singapore – The whole stadium ‘floats’ in the sea. The surface alone can bear the weight of more than 9000 people and the gallery around it can host 30,000 people. Shows the technical development that the Stadiums have gone through over the years. Truly a magnificent piece of work. But, why go through all this work? Weird!

The floating Marina Bay

Another View

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