The Next Monet in the making? A 9 Year Old Painter

The Next Monet in the making? A 9 Year Old Painter


Kieron Williamson is a child prodigy whose artwork has already generated over $350,000 in sales. He paints like a young master and is only 9 years old. Kieron loved sports and playing games in his earliest years as a child, but when he was on holiday with his parents in Cornwall, he was inspired by the boats nearby and wanted to draw them. Kindly asking for a sketchpad, his parents bought him one and the then 5 year old Kieron began his art journey. While the first few drawings were just typical child like drawings, Kieron quickly developed his style and by age 6 was already displaying artwork in galleries.

With the help of other local artists, Kieron received helpful tips and technique. He showed an amazing talent to mix colors well and create calming environments. His paintings display images of marshlands, waterways and fields, very similar to landscapes Monet and other impressionist artists used to paint. Though still a kid at heart, playing games with friends and growing up, it is sure that as long as Kieron continues his artistic path, he will grow to become an amazing master.


~ by Colorful Soul on 08/05/2012.

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