19 Dream Tubs for Bath Lovers

People are divided into two groups: shower lovers and bath lovers.

The following pictures are definitely made for bath lovers, including myself. I will light some candles, have a glas of white wine and be in my hot water bath for hours relaxing and just not doing anything. I love extraordinary designs and these tubs are amazing!

contemporary bathroom by Pepe Calderin

by Pepe Calderin
This is my favorite bathroom ever. The thought of sinking in up to my chin in this infinity tub and gazing at that dazzling turquoise tile is my idea of a spectacular bath. I could fill it all the way to the top and not slosh any water on the floor. Heaven on Earth!
contemporary bathroom by Garret Cord Werner

by Garret Cord Werner
This sunken tub is lined up perfectly at the same level as an exterior pool of water. The window opens all the way so it looks like a single pool. This would be so peaceful and is absolutely lovely.
asian bathroom by Harrell Remodeling

by Harrell Remodeling
If sinking down in hot water up to your chin is for you, then a soaking tub might be just the thing. You can get a beautiful one like this made from wood …
contemporary bathroom by Danenberg Design

by Danenberg Design
… or go with a super modern version in stainless steel. These take up less floor space than a traditional bathtub, but you sit instead of stretching your legs out in front of you. Some people prefer this. Because they don’t take up as much floor space as the traditional size bathtub, one of these might be a good option for a smaller bathroom.
modern bathroom by Stern McCafferty

by Stern McCafferty
This is the photo that got me busy writing this ideabook. I had never before seen a glass-sided bathtub, and this one completely appeals to my minimalist tendencies. The architect, David Stern, says the client wanted this custom made tub for the kids bathroom and wanted it to feel fresh and fun. Well, he succeeded. But here is what I want to know: Why should the kids have all the fun? I have a rubber ducky. Don’t you? Doesn’t everybody?
modern bathroom by Coates Design Architects Seattle

by Coates Design Architects Seattle
The first time I ever saw a sunken bathtub, I thought it was the most luxurious thing. There is something so wonderful about not having to step over the side of a tub to get in and out. Using a sunken tub in this bathroom leaves an unobstructed view to the floor-to-ceiling window.
contemporary bathroom by SHH - Spence, Harris, Hogan Associates

by SHH – Spence, Harris, Hogan Associates
I can’t get over the curved sides of this stone soaking tub. Doesn’t it look like a big armchair? I bet it’s comfortable.
modern bathtubs by PSCBATH

eclectic bathroom by PSCBATH

Or a fresh and fun look with cowhide skirting? I don’t know about you, but I feel happy and peaceful every time I see a cow. Too outrageous for you?
contemporary bathroom by PSCBATH

The same tub looks great with a dark interior color and placed in this rustic bathroom. I think this would be the perfect look for a modern house in the country.
contemporary bathtubs by PSCBATH

Goldline Bathtub – $29,743.00
Or would glamorous and sophisticated gold leaf be more your style? If I had a bathtub like this, I think I’d have to buy a diamond necklace just to wear in the tub — and I’d have to switch from Asti Spumante to Dom Perignon.
contemporary bathroom by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech
If white porcelain is what you really love, it doesn’t mean there aren’t new and cool choices. This one gives you have the lighter feel of a free-standing tub with the convenience of a surround. After all, a place to set that glass of champagne is a great feature!
modern bathroom by PSCBATH

What an amazing shape. This white bathtub looks lighter than air.
contemporary bathroom by Winn Wittman Architecture

by Winn Wittman Architecture
On the opposite end of the spectrum is a granite bathtub. These can weigh more than 2,000 pounds. With the surface polished on the inside and hand chiseled on the outside, they give a tactile experience unlike any other material.
modern bathroom by Furman + Keil Architects

by Furman + Keil Architects
This copper bathtub has a beautiful warm patina to it. If you look closely, you can see that the bottom is curved up under the knee area. A nice touch that would keep you from sliding down in the tub when you lean back.
modern bathroom by Studio William Hefner

by Studio William Hefner
Candles next to the bathtub are great, but a fireplace is even better. I love the way it is installed right next to the tub at eye level. Pure luxury!
modern bathroom by Cottam Hargrave

by Cottam Hargrave
Concrete is one more material to consider for a modern bathtub. Since it can be poured and molded into any shape, the possibilities are endless.
modern bathroom by Beckwith Interiors

by Beckwith Interiors
I often see porcelain tubs with wood surrounds, but it is rare to see the bathtub itself made from wood. This one is carved from walnut and made using ship-building techniques. It looks pretty inviting, doesn’t it?
contemporary bathroom by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech
I bet you thought I was going to leave out clawfoot tubs entirely, but this beauty has a contemporary flair with its pretty chrome feet.

Well you’ll have to pardon me, but my tub has just about filled. Time to pour myself a glass of bubbly and enjoy bathtub bliss!

~ by Colorful Soul on 08/12/2012.

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