Best Homemade Cold and Sore Throat Remedy – Ginger&Peppermint Tea

I am at the beginning of a cold, which always starts with a sore throat for me and honestly  I don’t have the time to get sick right now (who does?!). Therefore,  I decided to fight my upcoming cold right away, so I won’t even have to spend days being sick in bed.

The best remedy for this is definitely homemade ginger and peppermint tea. It is super simple to make and works great!

What you will need for it:

  • Ginger root
  • Fresh peppermint leaves
  • honey
  • lime or lemon


  • Cook as much water as you would like to have for your tea. I usually cook a pot full, so I have enough to drink throughout the day, but you can also just make one cup. Remember: You need lots of liquid if you are not feeling too well.
  • Grind the ginger into the water.
  • Add the peppermint, lime and honey. The amount of honey you use depends on how sweet you like your tea. I usually use one tablespoon because I don’t like my tea very sweet, but it’s up to you:)

Cook your tea for about 5 minutes. Strain into your cup, enjoy and feel better:)

~ by Colorful Soul on 09/03/2012.

One Response to “Best Homemade Cold and Sore Throat Remedy – Ginger&Peppermint Tea”

  1. Virtually any discomfort or other difficulties due to a sore throat can be abated, or even cared for completely, along with effortless self-treatments you can do at home. Gargling can be a recommended apply. You might try out gargling along with tepid to warm water mixed with stand salt. Drinking plenty of water can also be essential. Get added slumber, with this promotes more quickly recovery. Popsicles or even cold refreshments are good for sore throats. ^

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