Lindsay Amanda Photography Shoot

SabinePosterI had the pleasure of doing an amazing and fun shoot with Lindsay Amanda. Lindsay is great to work with and brought my personality out in the pictures very well. There were also some concepts that I had never tried before that turned out amazing.  I’m not typically a fan of cigarettes and alcohol, but using them as props in the photos gave me a look that I don’t feel like I’ve had before.  The simplistic style of the shoot also makes the experience very different, and the behind the scenes video shows how much fun I had with Lindsay and her crew.

Take a look at just a few of the photos, all courtesy of Lindsay Amanda Photography. A big thank you goes out to Mary Claro for doing the make-up and to Stark Contrast for the video. 484964_499263513444223_666397269_n 485140_499286310108610_1157369963_n 598948_499270853443489_1071150479_n67218_499256800111561_770362558_n


~ by Colorful Soul on 03/05/2013.

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