Nina Conti live at the Apollo – The Art of Ventriloquism at its best

On Friday evening, I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite Ventriloquists, Jeff Dunham, live in Oakland at the Oracle Arena and he was fantastic. I believe that ventriloquism is amazing and if done right can be hilarious.

I found this video of another amazing ventriloquist named Nina Conti. I was riding the train and found the video and I have never laughed that hard on the train…(Yes, I did get looks from other people, but the video is worth it!)

Nina Conti (born 1974) is an English actress, comedian and ventriloquist. Her primary on-stage puppet sidekick is a depressed monkey named Monk.


Face Mask

The face mask, rather than an actual puppet with a personality, is a mask that covers the lower half of an audience participants face and can be manipulated by a hand-piece held by Nina to make it look like the participant is talking. Nina often uses this to put the participant in awkward and funny situations, such as making them say that they want nothing more to do than dance in front of the audience, while their body language suggests the opposite.



~ by Colorful Soul on 03/24/2013.

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