10 Awesome Ideas to Repurpose Old Stuff and Giving Them a New Life

Here are some ideas for you by which you can recycle old stuff that in your opinion is useless. Have a look and get ready to be inspired.


1. Hanging Chairs for an Instant Closet
Image Source: yiconglu


2. Old Piano Turned into a Garden Water Feature for Landscaping
Image Source: twistedsifter


3. Vintage Tennis Rackets Transformed into Mirrors
Image Source: boredpanda


4. Sprayed Metal Trash Can be Reused as an End Table
Image Source: funportion


5. Old Dresser Gets a New Life as a Succulent Garden
Image Source: grizzlybearmodern


6. Drum Kit Repurposed as a Chandelier
Image Source: demilked


7. Old Bicycle Used as a Bathroom Vanity
Image Source: suzikcreative


8. Old Light Bulbs Transformed into Lamps
Image Source: crookedbrains


9. Old Wine Bottles Chandelier
Image Sources: homeworkshop , diynetwork


10. Bath Tub Couch
Image Source: csol-inc


~ by Colorful Soul on 10/30/2013.

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