Hugo Champagne Drink Recipe – a refreshing summer drink

With summer only around the corner, I thought it was time to introduce this very popular German/European character to San Francisco. Hugo is a from northern Italy. Hugo is fresh and sweet, making him very popular with the ladies, cooling them down on hot summer days. Hugo is just delicious!

Champagne drink with elderflower – Hugo

Hugo is a champagne aperitif with elderflower syrup (holundersirup in Germany) and sprigs of mint. This drink is super refreshing and smooth to drink. Elderflower syrup was one of my favorite flavors to add to sparkling water while growing up in Germany (or going on vacation to northern Italy).  When they get it right, the drink is lovely. Too much or too little of the syrup could make or break this drink! This goes the same with making Hugo.

Hugo Recipe:

  • 100ml of Prosecco
  • 150 of Soda water
  • 10mls Elderflower syrup (add more for a sweeter drink)
  • 2tsp Lime juice
  • 4 mint leaves (more if you like it minty)
  • Ice cubes

How to mix Hugo:

  1.  In a large wine glass, muddle the mint leaves.
  2.  Throw in some ice cubes.
  3.  Add the elderflower syrup.
  4.  Add the prosecco and soda water.
  5.  Cut some slices of lime and add for a good looking as well as a tasty drink.

~ by Colorful Soul on 02/22/2014.

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