IAMSU’s “Sincerely Yours”

Last night I got the chance to attend an advanced listening event for IAMSU’s debut album “Sincerely Yours” (which will be dropping May 13th 2014).  The album definitely exceeded my expectations, although I am already a big fan of Su’s music.  IAMSU’s style on this new album has definitely evolved and shows in the content of his lyrics.

The collaborations and features on this album are amazing!

Some of my favorites (and I am guessing some of the future most played songs) are the features with Wiz Kalifa (which Su called his big homie) called “What You ‘Bout”, another dope feature with the bays only’, Too Short titled “T.W.D.Y.” and “Only That Real” featuring 2 Chainz.  These songs also got the very unique IAMSU treatment and are definitely some of my favorites on the album.

“Only that Real” which will probably turn into the most played song nationwide features 2 Chainz and the platinum rapper Sage The Gemini, who attended the party as well. However,” I Love My Squad” goes hard too, and “No Secret” is very dope with a unique, mellower beat as well. It was rumored that Su also recorded a song titled “Lifetime”, but it was not included on the final track listing.

2014-04-23 22.19.41



photo 3 Most of the tracks are produced by “The Bizness”, IAMSU himself, “the Invasion, Jake One, Trackademicks and Chase N. Cashe. Sudan ‘IAMSU’ Williams, told XXL that he “just pretty much oversaw the whole thing. I’m super in to being in charge of the sound, the production and the direction of it, so I was really hands-on with every aspect of the album.  I wanted it to sound like one of those classic Aftermath albums, like the first album on the label that Dr. Dre puts out for an artist. I wanted to have some of those moments where it was like, scary good. And have that definitive moment, where they encapsulate what their movement and their culture is. So that’s what I was trying to do.” I also love the fact that Su is still very down to earth and appreciative of his success and named the last song of the album after his sister Martina, who also attended the party. The incredible album cover was created by my very good friend Slvstr  Design and captures the feeling of the new album perfectly!



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