Angie Crabtree – American Pop-culture Art

Featuring talents of the Bay has been one of my pleasures and I am thrilled about featuring the amazing artist Angie Crabtree on here. She is a Berkeley living artists and creates stunning art, relating to the current American pop-culture, the materialism and consumption. I was fortunate enough to check out some of her work at a pop-up event featuring her super dope “All Gold Everything” Grillz collection, but also some of her “Living the Dream” pieces, like one of my personal favorites, the Diamonds ( go figure:)))

Her collections ‘All Hail’, ‘Buy One Get One’,  and more of her art are also featured on her cool website, which is absolutely worth visiting at or check her out on Instagram @angie_crabtree    or Lots of options for you to go check out and like her work!

I am very much looking forward to seeing more from her!

Check out her work below!

angie-crabtree-diamond-small105 carats



530 carats


Lil Wayne Grillasap-rocky-grill-angie-crabtree-slider

A$AP Rocky GrillBeyonce-grill-angie-crabtree-slider

Beyonce Grill

rita-ora-grill-angie-crabtree-smallRita Ora Grill

Made in the shade

Follow Suit

Marry Me

(how cool is this one???!!!)

~ by Colorful Soul on 07/14/2014.

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