If All These Rooms Were in One House, It Would be the Coolest House in the World.

1. Private Outdoor Shower

Lush Outdoor Shower

For cooling off after a long hot day, there’s nothing more luxurious than hoping under an outdoor shower with a huge, water guzzling head and imagining you’re under your own personal waterfall. Pro tip: surround your shower with tropical plants and lush green plantings for optimal effect.

2. Secret Room Hidden Behind a Bookshelf

Hidden room behind a bookshelf

Just like in the cartoons! Live out your fantasies by pulling the secret lever to reveal a hidden room behind a rotating bookshelf. Also works as an effective zombie shelter.

3. Private Reading Nook With a Pull Out Bookshelf

Reading nook with a drawer full of books

Bookworm? Treat yourself to a secluded reading nook surrounded by books — even including a whole pull out drawer full of your favourite reads. Good lighting and a comfortable daybed style area make this the perfect place to pass a rainy weekend.

4. Four Walled Duplo/Lego Room

Duplo on every wall

Every child’s (and big kid’s) dream room! Lego or Duplo on all four walls. With just several thousand dollars worth of Lego, the possibilities are limitless!

5. Fireplace to Warm the Bathroom or Your Own Spa

Fireplace that warms the spa and the bedroom

This double sided fireplace has double the benefits. A warming fire for when you retreat to your luxurious spa, and a romantic warmth for the bedroom as well.

6. Adult-sized Treehouse

Adult sized treehouse

Why should kids have all the fun? Now you can have a dinner party in your own adult-sized treehouse. It has a patio area, a balcony and an actual full-sized room. Too much fun.

7. Creek Which Flows Right Under the House

Creek that flows under the house

There’s a babbling brook under the floorboards! If your house is located near a stream (or even if it isn’t and you’re handy with submersible pumps), why not let the water flow right under the house and show it off with a see-through floor over the top?

8. Hidden Waterside to an Unbelievable Indoor Pool

Bedroom cupboard with waterslide

This bedroom has a hidden waterside leading to a spectacular indoor pool! I’m not sure the owner of this house could be any more fun.

9. Your Own Mini Golf Course in a Courtyard

Mini golf courtyard

Why waste precious courtyard space with anything other than your own mini golf course? Those suckers with outdoor settings on their decks? Lame. Golf courses are where it’s at.

11. Trapdoor Cellar Under the Kitchen

Because, obviously.

10. Imagine Cranking Up the Latest Thriller in Your Home Theatre. In Your Pool!

Swimming pool home cinema

This home cinema lets you float around, cocktail in hand while watching your favourite movies on the big screen. When you calculate how much money you would spend on movie tickets in a year, this home theatre/pool practically pays for itself, right?

11. Pool Bar and BBQ Pit

Pool bar and BBQ

I’m assuming that just out of view in the picture above is this incredible in-pool bar/BBQ…

12. Underground Office

Underground office

For when you really need to drag yourself away from the floating home cinema and in-pool bar, perhaps an office like this to retreat to?

13. A Door that Turns into a Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong Table Door

Never miss an opportunity for a hit with this multi-functional doorway.

14. A Swing Set Dining Table

Swing Set Dining Table

Hope the motion sickness doesn’t interfere with the seven-course banquet…

~ by Colorful Soul on 07/17/2014.

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