Sabina Marie

As many of you may or may not know but not only do I love beauty, make up and all the good stuff I blog about, but I am also foremost a singer and always have been. I started when I was a child with local performances and have never stopped loving to do music. After my first song “One Night” was released on itunes I have been busy with creating new music. I love expressing myself in my music in ways I usually don’t. I don’t want to only stick to one genre because I am, as a person and artist, versatile and I don’t want to restrict myself to only one genre. I need to feel the music and just like any other person, I am in different kind of moods. I love RnBass, I love Hip Hop but I also need some EDM in my life if I feel like it, and just like most other girls, I love love songs once in a while.

So if you get a chance, please go check out my new soundcloud with my new RnBass song called “My Love’ and feel free to share your feedback:)

Find me on Instagram @ms_sabina_marie or twitter as well:)


Sabina Marie - One Night Cover



~ by Colorful Soul on 07/10/2015.

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