Hi World,

my name is Sabine and I am a student majoring in business administration. Also I am a Model and I have been in the US for three years now. Originally I am from Germany(great country, you should go visit it some day if you haven’t been there yet:))

I am always on time and prepared for my shoots and bring a positive attitude and great work ethic. I am eager in everything I do and always put everything I can into my work. I love boxing and kickboxing, but I am also a very girlie girl who likes to go shopping and dancing and all the other good things girls do:)

I am a very outgoing and fun-loving person,and open to try out new things. I started this blog to show people what I am interested in and also share my interests with you guys. I love connecting, so if you have questions or comments or feedback let me know:)

Check out my Model Mayhem for more pictures and information about me


I hope you enjoy this blog

Pictures of me below, check them out:)



2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi

    The main character of my novel..her name is Sabine! Nice to meet you!

  2. My name is Sabine too! I love your pictures and the layout of your blog.

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