Microwave Recipes That Are Borderline Genius

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Microwave Lemon-Horseradish Sole

Having so many sorority sisters living on Campus and going through their student life without a proper kitchen, I thought I would do some research and find some amazing recipes so that they do not have to live off of chips and more chips:) I found some pretty amazing recipes that actually turn out amazing and can be done in a microwave within a couple of minutes. Take a look below, you just might be surprised!

Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie

Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie

Not only is this the fastest way to feed a homemade cookie craving, it’s also the only way to make homemade cookies without running the risk of eating a dozen in one sitting.

3. Bacon in the Microwave

Bacon in the Microwave

No more scrubbing bacon grease off of your favorite skillet.

4. Gluten-Free Microwave Enchiladas

Gluten-Free Microwave Enchiladas

You can also make these gluten-filled by using regular tortillas, if you’d prefer. Either way, the whole thing will take 10 minutes.

5. Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake

The thing about mug cakes is that it’s really hard to share. Oops.

6. Two-Minute French Toast

Two-Minute French Toast

Syrup to taste, as usual.

7. Vegan, Grain-Free Microwave English Muffin

Vegan, Grain-Free Microwave English Muffin

All about those nukes and crannies!

8. Microwave Peanut Brittle

Microwave Peanut Brittle

9. Nutella Mug Cake

Nutella Mug Cake

Only slightly more difficult than spooning Nutella straight from the jar to your mouth.

10. Microwave Egg White and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Microwave Egg White and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Those nuked innards would probably taste pretty great on a microwave English muffin, if you want to really go all in.

11. Roasted Garlic in the Microwave

Roasted Garlic in the Microwave

Because roasted garlic makes EVERY dish better, but sometimes you just don’t have the time or patience.

12. Microwave Granola

Microwave Granola

13. Microwave Lemon Bars

Microwave Lemon Bars

Coming soon to a bake sale near you. Like, very near you. The nearest. Because you will bring them.

14. Sour Cream and Onion Microwave Veggie Chips

Sour Cream and Onion Microwave Veggie Chips

Satisfy that snack craving ASAP.

15. Microwave-Baked Sweet Potato

Microwave-Baked Sweet Potato

Much faster than the hour (or more!) it takes to roast a sweet potato in the oven, with a very similar result.

16. Microwave Ropa Vieja

Microwave Ropa Vieja

This classic beef dish is seriously impressive.

17. One-Minute Vegan Coffee Cake

One-Minute Vegan Coffee Cake

Fresher than anything you could pick up on your way to work.

18. Microwave Chicken and Dumplings

Microwave Chicken and Dumplings

Comfort food, at its finest.

19. Microwave Scrambled Eggs

Microwave Scrambled Eggs

By taking the eggs out to stir every 45 seconds, you get eggs that are soft and delicious, not gummy and dense.

Microwave Salmon en Papillote

Cooking fish en papillote (in parchment paper) in the oven is easy, but this brings things to a whole new level.

Microwave-Baked Apples in a Bag

Easy as pie. Much easier, actually. And a great snacking alternative!

Adidas Originals ZX FLUX SlipOn

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The first release of the brand new ZX FLUX slip-on silhouette celebrating adidas Originals with the I Want I Can collection. The starting point for this collection is the unforgettable “I Want, I Can” campaign from the 80s.
The ZX FLUX is the first time without laces in a wound design. Bold letters adorn the elastic straps of sneakers for the first pack.
adidas Originals ZX FLUX Slip On – I Want I Can Pack
adidas Originals ZX FLUX Slip On – Clear Grey/Clear Onyx/Light Granite
mi adidas Originals ZX FLUX Slip On Pack 
For the spring, adidas has unveiled a new silhouette to add to its stable of “mi” customizable sneakers, with the ZX Flux slip-on. The shoe is offered in a wide array of materials, graphics and color options to create a truly customized pair of kicks, just to your tastes. You can also select a range of high-end materials for the heel cage, such as crocodile leather, patent leather and suede, all included in the premium pack. You can even include a customized message on the heel tab, making the options basically endless. Flex your creative juices here, for a one-of-a-kind ZX Flux.

Knokke Fashion Weekend

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Campaign images for Knokke Fashion Weekend ’15 art direction & visual
by Louise Mertens

Best Halloween Makeup

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I have been so busy lately I almost didn’t realize how quickly Halloween is sneaking up on us, so of course an alternative to overpriced costumes that you see on almost every other person is to create your own costume as well as makeup. Here are some really cool ideas!Purple! Like the colored hair!:


Abby should do this! @Vicki Smallwood Smallwood Harrison Abby could definitely do this!:

Of course the list wouldn’t be complete without one of my personal favorite make up artists, the Bay areas own Alissa Ashley!


Here is also the tutorial for here makeup:

Or here really cute and simple, easy to do (even for me) Halloween dear make up


(You can follow her on IG : @alissa.ashley)


#StandWithHer, The Essie Justice Movement.

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DJ Storm's Blog

#StandWithHer Click here to vote.

With the rising rates of incarceration, not only in the Bay Area, but in the U.S. overall, many more people are beginning to feel the squeeze of mass incarceration.  Those who have incarcerated loved ones may rarely be the focus of sympathy when someone is locked up, but families, and specifically women in those families get hit hard. These women are left to manage finances, care for children and hold families together, often at an enormous personal cost. Essie Justice Group will build a movement to support and connect women, and empower them to advocate for change in the justice system. The Essie group has set up the non-profit #StandWithHer program in order to provide support for women in these situations.

StandWithHer Essie Justice Group

More information on Essie can be found here, at StandWithHer.org, and you can do worlds of help as well.  Essie has been…

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Dan Bannino photographs celebrity fad diets as master still lifes

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dan bannino photographs celebrity fad diets as master still lifes

jun 05, 2014
dan bannino photographs celebrity fad diets as master still lifes

dan bannino photographs celebrity fad diets as master still lifes
(above) beyoncè knowles – master cleanse diet
all images courtesy of dan bannino




italian photographer dan bannino has translated his fascination and obsession with food into a series of photograph still lifes. the compositions are of various celebrity fad diets, positioned and composed in the style of old master paintings. for ‘still diet’, bannino represents ridiculous trends in weight-loss programs from beyonce’s ‘master cleanse diet’ of hot water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper to gwyneth paltrow’s strict detox diet of solely fruits, vegetables and nuts. ‘I’ve tried to capture the beauty that lies in this terrible constriction of diets and deprivation‘ bannino describes. historical figures are conceptualized as well, dreamed up to reveal what henry VIII and lord byron might consider as a meal, with the ‘aim to show how this weirdness hasn’t changed even since the 15th century.’

dan bannino photographs celebrity fad diets as still lifes
bill clinton – cabbage soup diet

dan bannino photographs celebrity fad diets as still lifes
simon cowell – life enhancing diet

dan bannino photographs celebrity fad diets as still lifes
kate moss – hollywood diet

dan bannino photographs celebrity fad diets as still lifes
gwyneth paltrow – strict detox diet

dan bannino photographs celebrity fad diets as still lifes
charles saatchi – eggs diet

dan bannino photographs celebrity fad diets as still lifes
luigi cornaro – sober life

dan bannino photographs celebrity fad diets as still lifes
lord byron – romantic poet’s diet

dan bannino photographs celebrity fad diets as still lifes
henry VIII – the banquet diet


Sabina Marie ‘My Love’

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If you haven’t already, please go check out my second single out now on soundcloud.

Little People – A tiny Street Art Collection

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By Slinkachu.

By Slinkachu.

Brilliant snack ideas

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We all cook and we all eat food. So why not make both of those easier? Don’t let your snacks get the best of you. These ideas are simply brilliant.

1) Slice up a baked potato and fill it up with cheese and toppings before baking it. It’ll be glorious



2) When eating tacos use lettuce as a delicious safety net.



3) This is by far the best way to eat a cupcake.



4) Slice your hot dogs in a spiral-fashion before cooking them. They’ll heat evenly and just LOOK awesome



5) Instead of making traditional tacos, create your own to-go taco salad by putting taco fixings in a bag of Fritos.



6) Waffle irons aren’t just for waffles. Try reheating pizza in them.



7) You can also make hash browns in waffle irons. Just FYI.



8) This may seem crazy, but try adding bacon to your cinnamon rolls before baking. It’s delish.



9) Make French toast by putting some crumbled up cereal in the egg yolk you use. Cinnamon Toast Crunch French Toast? Why not.



10) Crunched up cookies + milk + ice cube tray = best iced coffee ever.



11) If you own a fancy knife, it’s time to use it at birthday parties.



12) Don’t make sandwiches like a fool.



13) If you like eating in the car, prevent messes by putting the condiments in the drink carriers.



14) Store-bought pastry dough can be filled with pretty much anything, then baked. You can make empanadas or turnovers whenever you want.



15) Buy a loaf of bakery bread, slice it up, put cheese and herbs in it and then bake it in the oven. Now you have some awesome cheesy bread.



16) Peeling a mango just got a lot easier.



17) Dip your Oreos in milk, then freeze them. This frozen treat is genius.



18) You had no idea this was possible, right?



19) Dip your cooked bacon in pancake batter, then make those pancakes. You’ll be in heaven.



20) Make to-go salads in mason jars.



21) If you have the patience to skewer hot dogs with noodles, you’re going to be in for a really good time.



Henna Tattoos with Unbelievably Intricate Patterns

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Photo source: @hennabk

Photo source: @girly_henna

Photo source: Somanna M

Photo source: Somanna M

Photo source: @girly_henna

Photo source: Nabeel Zeeshan

Photo source: Urvesh Patel

Photo source: @girly_henna

Photo source: B.Bubble

Photo source: Vikram

Photo source: @girly_henna

Photo source: Mendhi Henna Bridal Parties

Photo source: Mendhi Henna Bridal Parties

Photo source: Shafeen