Sabina Marie ‘Phone Call’

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Check out my new song called ‘Phone Call’ now out on soundcloud produced by Don Wattz.

Check it out below.

Sabina Marie_Phone Call_Official Cover

‘Wet’ Will feat. Sabina Marie

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cover wet

Check out this new RnBass single called ‘Wet’ by Will featuring yours truly, Sabina Marie. It’s a slower,sexier song showing off a new side from Sabina Marie collaborating with Bay Area artist Will, known for his hit single Mob in it feat. Rayven Justice.


Beyonce- ‘Formation’

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The day before Beyoncé takes the stage during the Coldplayheadlined Super Bowl 50 halftime show, the singer dropped her surprise new single “Formation,” her first new song since her Beyoncé: Platinum Edition was released in November 2014. “Formation” is available to stream and download for free exclusively through Tidal.


After a largely quiet 2015, this is Beyoncé’s second new video in as many weeks: Coldplay recently unveiled the Holi-inspired clip for their collaborative A Head Full of Dreams track “Hymn for the Weekend.”

In addition to the new Mike Will Made It-produced single, Beyoncé also updated her online store with clothing and merchandise donning many of the instantly quotable lyrics from “Formation,” from a hat that says “Hot Sauce” to a cellphone case sporting “You that bitch when you cause all this conversation” to a sweatshirt reading “I twirl on them haters.” There is also a handbag with the words – naturally – “I got hot sauce in my bag.”

Beyoncé was reportedly rehearsing “Formation” during the halftime show preparations leading up to Super Bowl 50. However, it remains unconfirmed whether she’ll debut the song live Sunday at Santa Clara, California’s Levi’s Stadium. Bruno Mars, another previous Super Bowl halftime show headliner, will also appear during Coldplay’s set.

Check out the single’s cover art below:

Fancy Ice cubes

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1. Make your drinks sparkle.

Make your drinks sparkle.

asubtlerevelry / Via

Don’t worry, it’s edible glitter.

2. Freeze some melon balls for a colorful twist.

Freeze some melon balls for a colorful twist.

laylita / Via

Add some sparkling water and watch them dance.

3. Infuse ice cubes with some mint.

Infuse ice cubes with some mint.

17apart / Via

Perfect for mojitos.

4. Make it a ~fancy~ occasion with edible flower ice cubes.

Make it a ~fancy~ occasion with edible flower ice cubes.

E is for Eat / Via

5. Never have watery iced coffee again.

Never have watery iced coffee again.

A GENUIS hack.

6. Take that water up a notch.

Take that water up a notch.


Make your water more refreshing by adding strawberries and lemons to the mix.

7. Make some milkshakes to take on-the-go.

Make some milkshakes to take on-the-go.

Dreyers / Via

8. Make a DIY flavored Coke bar.

Make a DIY flavored Coke bar.

eazypeazymealz / Via

Cherry or vanilla, your choice.

9. Sweeten up your iced tea with honey infused ice cubes.

Sweeten up your iced tea with honey infused ice cubes.

sugarandcharm / Via

Add as many as you would like.

10. Bottomless mimosas anyone?

Bottomless mimosas anyone?

Jackie / Via

Make “Bleeding Mimosas” with these champagne and blood orange ice cubes.

11. Freeze some 4th of July themed ice cubes.

Freeze some 4th of July themed ice cubes.

foodfamilyfinds / Via

12. Add some extra flair with frozen coconut water.

Add some extra flair with frozen coconut water.

Blend these up with a smoothie for a flavor punch.

13. Take your iced tea to the next level with frozen lemons.

Take your iced tea to the next level with frozen lemons.

passionforsavings / Via

14. Make glow-in-the-dark ice.

Make glow-in-the-dark ice.

six in the suburbs / Via

Top 10 Hot Chocolate

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#1 3 Musketeers Hot Chocolate

We have much to be grateful for when it comes to 3 Musketeers. Not only did this fluffy nougat chocolate bar of greatness power us through writing our two cookbooks, but it also fuels us when we hit our 3 o’clock slump. Now, with this 3 Musketeers Hot Chocolate, we can have our chocolate and drink it too.

#2 Birthday Cake Hot Chocolate

Every day can be your birthday with this makes-wishes-come-true Birthday Cake Hot Chocolate.

#3 Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Looking to beat the cold? Warm up with a mug of this sweet, cinnamon-spiced hot chocolate, a creamy blend of cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla.

#4 Hot Chocolate Shots

We love chocolate, so it should come as no surprise that we’ve brought our childhood favorite (creamy, dreamy hot chocolate) into adulthood with these whiskey and liqueur-spiked Hot Chocolate Shots.

#5 Sweet & Spicy Mocha Hot Chocolate

Offering up the best of both worlds (chocolate and coffee, sweet and spicy), this hot chocolate is our fave pick me up!

#6 Nutella Hot Chocolate

We’ve been quoted saying that we love Nutella so much, we could drink it. Now, thanks to this hot chocolate, we can.

#7 Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Is there a more delicious pairing than peanut butter and chocolate? No, we didn’t think so and that’s why we’re devouring mug after mug of this sweet, smooth and utterly sensational Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate.

#8 Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

What do you get when pumpkins and chocolate merge? The most comforting hot chocolate this side of the pumpkin patch!

#9 Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Hold on to your hat because this Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, the perfect mix of sweet and salty, is going to blow you away!

#10 White Hot Chocolate

What could be better than eating white chocolate? Drinking it. Try this easy recipe for White Hot Chocolate and get ready for some creamy, dreamy decadence.


Frozen Hot Chocolate

Forget burning your tongue on hot chocolate – now you can suffer brain freeze! Thanks to this Frozen Hot Chocolate, an icy, easy and delicious blend of milk, chocolate and ice, you’re going to have trouble taking small sips.

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Get the motivation you need to slim down and stick with it.
By Karen Ansel, RD, and Abigail L. Cuffey

If you could design your dream diet, what would it include? Lots of variety so meals and snacks never get boring? Plenty of treats? A day to cheat a little? Well, here it is! Follow this easy plan for a month and enjoy real food (not just rice cakes and cottage cheese), your favorite treats, even a glass of wine. The keys: smaller portions, more protein and healthier carbs. Just mix and match one breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two treats for six days of the week. Then, on day seven, indulge with a cheat day.



1. Peanut butter and apple quesadilla: 8″ whole-wheat tortilla + 1 Tbsp peanut butter + 1 sliced apple

2. Apricot ricotta breakfast sundae: 1 cup nonfat ricotta cheese + pinch nutmeg + ½ tsp agave nectar + 4 chopped apricots

3. 1 egg scrambled in 1 tsp oil; 1 whole-wheat bagel thin; 1 turkey sausage link; 6 oz low-sodium vegetable juice

4. Strawberry French toast: 1 slice whole-wheat bread dipped in 1 beaten egg and cooked in 1 tsp butter + 1 cup sliced strawberries

5. 1 cup toasted oat cereal + 1 cup 1% milk or soy milk + 2 Tbsp tart dried cherries + 1 Tbsp chopped walnuts

6. Egg sandwich: 1 whole-wheat English muffin + 1 egg fried in 1 tsp olive oil + 1 oz Canadian bacon (about 2 slices) + 1-2 slices tomato

7. Pancakes and bacon: 2 frozen pancakes + 1 tsp honey + ½ sliced banana; 2 slices turkey bacon

8. 1 cup bran flakes + 1 cup 1% milk or soy milk + ¾ cup blueberries

9. Huevos rancheros: 6″ corn tortilla + 3 egg whites fried in 1 tsp olive oil + ½ cup black beans + ¼ cup fresh salsa + ¼ cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt

10. Sunflower pear waffle: 1 whole-grain frozen waffle + 1 Tbsp sunflower butter (tastes like sunflower seeds—loaded with protein) or any nut butter + 1 sliced pear

11. Maple almond oatmeal: 1 cup cooked oatmeal + 1 Tbsp almond butter + 2 tsp maple syrup

12. Smoked salmon roll-up: 8″ whole-wheat tortilla + 1 Tbsp whipped cream cheese + 1½ oz smoked salmon + 1 sliced scallion

13. Smoothie! 1 cup nonfat plain yogurt blended with 1 cup frozen peaches + ½ cup calcium-fortified orange juice + ½ banana + 1 Tbsp ground flaxseed + pinch nutmeg

14. Greek yogurt parfait: 8 oz nonfat plain Greek yogurt + 1 diced nectarine + 1 tsp honey + 3 Tbsp sliced almonds



15. Veggie Jack burger: Veggie burger + 1-oz slice Monterey Jack cheese + 1 Tbsp barbecue sauce + lettuce and tomato + whole-wheat hamburger bun; 1 cup watermelon cubes

16. Turkey-bacon-avocado pita: 2 oz deli turkey + 2 pieces of thinly sliced avocado + 1 slice bacon + 1 Tbsp honey mustard + lettuce and tomato + 6″ whole-wheat pita; 1 nectarine

17. Blue cheese chicken pita: ½ cup shredded skinless rotisserie chicken breast + ½ cup shredded romaine lettuce + ¼ cup sliced celery + ½ cup shredded carrots + 1 Tbsp light blue cheese dressing + 6″ whole-wheat pita; 1 peach

18. Turkey Swiss burger: 4 oz lean ground turkey patty + 1 thin slice Swiss cheese + 1 Tbsp barbecue sauce + lettuce, tomato and onion slices + whole-wheat hamburger bun; 1 cup cantaloupe cubes

19. Black bean-tomato soup: 1½ cups chilled tomato soup or low-sodium vegetable juice + 2 tsp red wine vinegar + ½ cup black beans + ½ cup corn niblets + ½ yellow bell pepper + 1 tomato + 2 Tbsp red onion; 15 all-natural tortilla chips

20. Grilled shrimp Caesar: 3 cups romaine lettuce + 10 large grilled shrimp + 2 Tbsp Caesar dressing + 1 Tbsp grated Parmesan; 12 whole-wheat pita chips

21. Pasta salad: 2 oz* whole-wheat penne pasta, cooked, then cooled and refrigerated + 5 halved cherry tomatoes + 1 oz part-skim mozzarella, diced + ¼ diced yellow pepper + 2 Tbsp Italian vinaigrette dressing + 2 fresh basil leaves, roughly chopped

22. Chicken Cheddar sandwich: 3 oz grilled chicken + 1-oz slice reduced-fat Cheddar + lettuce and tomato + 1 Tbsp light mayo + whole-wheat sandwich thin; ¾ cup grapes

23. Takeout! 1 slice cheese pizza; 2 cups tossed salad + 1 Tbsp balsamic vinaigrette

24. Mediterranean tuna wrap: 3 oz water-packed tuna + 3 chopped Kalamata olives + 1 tsp capers + 2 Tbsp chopped onion + 1 tsp olive oil + 1 tsp red wine vinegar + 8″ whole-wheat tortilla; 1 apple

25. Couscous with chickpeas: ⅓ cup* whole-wheat couscous, cooked + ¾ cup chickpeas + ½ cup diced tomato + ½ cup diced cucumber + 1 Tbsp chopped fresh basil + 2 Tbsp crumbled feta

26. Cheese quesadilla: two 8″ whole-wheat tortillas + ¼ cup reduced-fat shredded Cheddar, cooked in nonfat cooking spray; ¼ cup salsa; 2 Tbsp nonfat plain Greek yogurt; 5 grape tomatoes

27. Roast beef horseradish sandwich: 2 slices rye bread + 2 oz lean roast beef + 1 Tbsp reduced-fat canola mayo mixed with ¼ tsp horseradish + lettuce and tomato; ½ cup coleslaw

28. Asian spinach salad: 3 cups baby spinach + ½ cup skinless rotisserie chicken breast + ½ chopped apple + ¼ cup shelled edamame + ½ cup grated carrots + 2 Tbsp Asian vinaigrette



29. 4 oz lean sirloin steak; ½ baked potato with 2 Tbsp nonfat plain Greek yogurt; 2 cups mushrooms sautéed in 2 tsp olive oil

30. Lemon pasta with salmon and asparagus: 2 oz grilled salmon + 2 oz whole-wheat penne, cooked and tossed with + 1 Tbsp olive oil + 2 Tbsp lemon juice + 1 clove garlic, sliced + 1 cup chopped asparagus + 1 Tbsp fresh basil

31. Mexican burrito bowl: ⅓ cup* brown rice, cooked + ½ cup pinto beans + ½ cup grilled vegetables cooked with 2 spritzes of olive oil cooking spray + ½ cup shredded lettuce + ¼ cup corn salsa + ¼ cup guacamole

32. Takeout! 3 oz ginger chicken with broccoli + 6 oz brown rice

33. Italian tilapia: 6 oz tilapia baked with 1 cup canned diced tomatoes + 4 chopped green olives + 1 tsp olive oil + pinch Italian seasoning; ⅓ cup whole-wheat couscous, cooked

34. 6 oz roast pork tenderloin; 1 baked sweet potato; 2 cups green beans sautéed in 2 tsp olive oil

35. Chicken stir-fry: 4 oz boneless, skinless chicken breast strips + 2 cups broccoli florets + 1 sliced scallion + 2 tsp peanut oil; ½ cup brown rice, cooked

36. Pasta with cannellini and feta: 2 oz whole-wheat pasta, cooked + ¾ cup cannellini beans + 1 cup chopped fresh tomatoes + 2 tsp olive oil + 1 Tbsp chopped fresh basil + 1 Tbsp crumbled feta

37. Spaghetti and meatballs: 2 oz whole-wheat spaghetti, cooked + 3 turkey meatballs (1 oz each) + ½ cup marinara sauce; 2 cups tossed salad + 1 Tbsp Italian vinaigrette

38. Portobello burger parmigiana: 1 portobello mushroom cap, misted lightly with olive oil spray and broiled or grilled + ¼ cup marinara sauce + 1-oz slice part-skim mozzarella + fresh basil + whole-wheat hamburger bun; ½ romaine lettuce heart + 1 large sliced tomato + 1 Tbsp balsamic vinaigrette

39. 5 oz tuna steak; ½ cup brown rice, cooked; 2 cups broccoli sautéed in 1 tsp peanut oil

40. 1 cup summer chili: ¼ cup chopped onion + 2 oz lean ground turkey breast sautéed in 1 tsp olive oil + ½ cup canned white beans + ½ cup corn niblets + ½ cup canned diced tomatoes + hot sauce to taste; ½ cup brown rice, cooked

41. Pasta with chicken and spinach: 2 oz whole-wheat pasta (or mix 1 oz whole-wheat pasta with 1 oz regular), cooked + ½ cup shredded skinless rotisserie chicken breast + 1 cup baby spinach + 1 clove garlic, sliced and sautéed in 1 Tbsp olive oil + 1 Tbsp Parmesan

42. BBQ! Grill 4 oz skinless chicken breast, then baste with 1 Tbsp barbecue sauce; 1 ear corn; ½ cup potato salad

*Measure this amount of pasta, rice or couscous before cooking.

Snacks, sweets and treats!


6-oz container 0% fat fruit-flavored Greek yogurt

45 pistachios

6-oz glass wine

½ pear + two 1″ Brie cubes

Three 2½” cinnamon graham cracker squares + 4 Tbsp nonfat ricotta

1 hard-cooked egg sprinkled with celery salt; ten 1″ whole-grain crackers

1 sliced bell pepper + ¼ cup hummus

12 oz beer

½ banana + 1 Tbsp peanut butter

¾ cup light chocolate ice cream

4 cups lowfat microwave popcorn tossed with 1 tsp cocoa + pinch chili powder

12 oz nonfat latte; 1 Oreo

1 mini cinnamon raisin bagel + 1 Tbsp soy butter

½ cup soft-serve vanilla frozen yogurt + 1 cup mixed berries

1.14-oz bag of pretzel M&M’s
Cheat day!

You’ve made smart choices six days in a row—now it’s time to indulge a little. On the seventh day (or another day you choose), relax the rules and do one of the following:

Add a third treat or snack from the “Snacks, Sweets & Treats” list above.

Follow the slim-down plan for breakfast and lunch, skip the snacks, and eat whatever you want for dinner.

Forgo the snacks and have dessert after dinner.

START YOUR DIET ON SUNDAY. Research finds that this guarantees the biggest weight loss success. The worst day to start? Tuesday.

EAT A FOOD THAT’S A CONTRASTING COLOR TO YOUR PLATE (think pasta marinara on a white plate). It can trim how much food you take (and eat) by 21%.

USE A BIG FORK TO EAT LESS. Researchers believe a big fork helps you gauge how much you’ve eaten better than a small one.

TURN OFF THE COOKING SHOWS. When dieters watch food-related TV programs, they inhale 60% more snacks than nondieters.

CHOOSE ONE STARCH (PASTA, BREAD, RICE) PER MEAL. Too many carbohydrates can spike your blood sugar, making you hungrier later.

HAVE WHOLE GRAINS AT BREAKFAST (like oats or whole-wheat toast). Their filling fiber curbs mid-morning hunger pangs.

EAT EVERY 4 HOURS TO KEEP YOUR APPETITE IN CHECK. Wait too long between meals and you’ll end up hungrier and more likely to overeat.

KEEP HEALTHY MUNCHIES IN YOUR GLOVE COMPARTMENT. Try a granola bar, a single-serving bag of whole-wheat pretzels or a 1-oz bag of nuts.

STOCK THE FRIDGE WITH LOWFAT DAIRY PRODUCTS. They’ve got whey protein, calcium and vitamin D, which help burn fat and curb hunger.

EAT 15 TO 20 G PROTEIN AT EVERY MEAL (about 2 to 3 oz of meat, chicken or fish). Spacing it out is key to keeping your metabolism revved.

ADD PRODUCE TO MEALS. Fruits and veggies are the ultimate eat-less tool: They fill you up for fewer calories plus have crucial nutrients.

*Measure this amount of pasta, rice or couscous before cooking.

5 Creative Takes on the Ice Cube

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While we’re all about staying hydrated and mixing up cocktails on the rocks, the ice cube business is hardly booming. Where’s the fun in a plain old cube of frozen water? This recipe is as simple as finding a pair of ingredients you like, chopping them up, and dropping them in an ice cube tray.

Plus if you’ve got herbs and fruits that are hanging on for dear life, this is a great way to get a little more out of them before they go bad. And if cubes aren’t your jam, check out our roundup of off-the-wall ice cube trays.

– cucumbers and basil
– fig and rosemary
– lime and mint
– lemon and honey
– raspberries and blackberries
Tools: ice cube trays! (we used these Tovolo ones that make perfect cubes)

1. Cucumber and Basil

Dice up the cucumber and basil and place it in the tray.

This combination is a great way to flavor up a glass of water or seltzer, but would also be delicious in a gin and tonic on a hot summer day.

2. Fig and Rosemary

Quarter your figs and pull of sprigs of rosemary off their stems. Place a little bit of everything in your ice cube tray.

These would taste particularly delicious in a glass of hot apple cider, cold ginger beer, or a stiff glass of bourbon on the rocks.

3. Lime and Mint

Create a few wedges of lime, and then a round of tinier ones. Chop up the mint. Squeeze a bit of lime into the tray along with your lime and mint pieces.

These are perfect for mojitos! Grab a little soda, rum, and simple syrup and you’re good to go.

4. Lemon and Honey

Slice your lemons and then cut them into mini wedges. Squirt a bit of honey into your ice cube tray, add lemons and a little squeeze of lemon juice for good measure.

This variety of cube is great for adding to a hot or cold cup of tea, and is especially soothing for sore throats. For more lemon love, check out our Lemon Tea Cupcakes and Lemon Ice Balls.

5. Raspberries and Blackberries

Berrylicious! The prep for these couldn’t be simpler. Find the smallest ones in the carton, and place them in your ice cube tray.

We think these would be yummy in a vodka soda, or could be great for smoothie-making.

Now we’ll show you a few more photos of the step-by-step.

Ingredients are in the tray at this point. Feel free to mix and match if you’ve got extra ice trays.

Pour water into the tray – be careful not to overflow, you don’t want to lose ingredients.

Place in the freezer for a few hours.

Pop ’em out whenever you’re looking to add a special spark to a glass of water, cocktail, or cup of tea.

These are great for a party as they instantly make everything you serve look super fancy and gourmet.

What creative ingredients have you tried putting in ice cubes? Let us know your ideas in the comments below or come find us on Twitter. And be sure to stay cool! 😉

DJ Prems- Californication Vol.4

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Check out DJ Prems mix ‘Californication Vol.4’ which includes my song ‘My Love’, along with other dope hits by artists such as Keyshia Cole, Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown, Iamsu, DJ Mustard and many more. Much love for the project, go check it out below!

Californication Vol.4 Tracklist:
00:00 – Keyshia Cole feat. Young Thug – Don’t Waste My Time
03:58 – Julian Write feat. Rayven Justice & Iamsu! – Homebody
07:15 – Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown, French Montana & Verse Simmonds – Diamonds & Gold (RMX)
10:40 – Sean Kingston – Wait Up
13:32 – Annimeanz feat. Jake&Papa – Like The Westside
16:02 – Aisa – One Night
18:03 – Sabina Marie – My Love
20:23 – JR Castro feat. Kid Ink & Quavo – Get Home
23:32 – Netta Brielle – All I Really Want
25:50 – Patrick Fenison – Deja Vu
28:18 – Rayven Justice feat. Iamsu! & Baeza – Pull Up
30:55 – Anthony Lewis feat. AV – Caught Up
32:03 – L. Rucus feat. KJ – Make Her Mine
36:09 – Travis Barker feat. Kid Ink, Ty Dolla $ign, Iamsu! & Tyga – 100
39:04 – Nelly feat. Jeremih – The Fix
41:39 – J-Doe feat. Sevyn Streeter – Theme Song
44:15 – Armani Depaul feat. Rayven Justice, C-Plus & Milla – Rump Shaker
47:29 – Iamsu! feat. HBK CJ & Azure – Say My Name
49:55 – DJ Mustard feat. TeeFlii, Iamsu! & Choice – Overdose
52:48 – Show Banga feat. Dee – Fall Thru
55:04 – Płaybøy feat. Don Marshall & Fame Aura – Hurricane
57:39 – Snoop Dogg feat. The Game, Joey Fatts & Dee – Room Full Of G’s
01:00:13 – Joe Moses – Owe Me Something
01:02:58 – Sonu Tha Kid feat. TJ Bridges & JT The 4th – Understand
01:05.13 – Jonn Hart – Voss

Jewelry Vision

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Jewelry Vision

Full Suspension MTB- A Fusion of Hightech and Natur

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Bild: Full Suspension MTB aus Bambus

This bike frame is made out of 100% sustainable material- bamboo!

Bamboo is predestined as a construction material for bicycles. In terms of size and strength, bamboo is one of the strongest and most durable materials nature has to offer. It is exceptionally stable and thanks to its extreme lightweight and cavities it’s a very resilient material. In addition, bamboo used for bicycle frames has another distinctive advantage: In contrast to conventional materials such as steel, aluminum or carbon, bamboo has its own flexibility due to the bamboo stick. The flexibility of bamboo brings a completely new, more dynamic bike riding  experience. Check the video below to see how its made.